Edwing D’Angelo’s Spring 2013 Presentation SWEET DREAMS (swimwear) – Part II

The starting point in Edwing D’Angelo’s Spring 2013 presentation continues
his search for the ultimate tailored collection, where the line between
the masculine and feminine are intertwined so closely that it is difficult
to define if it is made for her or for him, not to disappear, but keeping
each gender strong in its own traditional aesthetics. In this latest
presentation, D’Angelo gets a little bit more playful, bringing elements
of urban street wear into the mix, call it “Street Couture” if you will.
D’Angelo proposes that women wear clothing with men’s fabrics and men wear
clothing with women’s traditional detailing such as French lace trimmings
and jumpsuits with superb cuts.

Keeping with the Edwing D’Angelo tradition, the collection offers a twist
with an “eye candy” elements. The production is inspired by Candy Land,
that beautiful childhood place with colorful indulgence of sweets and
goodies. The venue is converted into a veritable candy factory to wow the
audience. Guests of a D’Angelo’s show have come to expect nothing less
from the designer. So…. Prepared to be enchanted!

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